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Custom Art

Personalized art, so many possibilities I can't even begin to list them

I am open to creating some personalized artwork for the things you care about most, especially pet portaits! I love making colorful art from your pet's adorable face.

Whatever art you're looking for, whether digital or in a physical art medium, contact me and we can discuss whether my style is a good fit! At this point, I've painted glass, walls, canvas, wood, fabric, and furniture. And as far as digital art is concerned, the printing possibilities are limitless.

T-Shirt Graphics

And not even limited to t-shirts! If you're looking for someone to make your t-shirt (or accessory) print idea a reality and you like my style, I'm very open to working with you. Whether this is a shirt for an event, a group, or a gift, you'll get a 100% unique shirt just for you.

(Again, the price will vary depending on what you want, but reach out to me and I'll be able to give you a quote!)

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Custom 3D Objects

Most of you will be thinking of 3D printed masters for your custom dice castings. No problem, but dice are just the tip of the CAD-iceburg. I've made hand lettering into 3D prints, and I'm now getting into custom keycaps for mechanical keyboards. If you have a project in mind that you want to see made physical, reach out to me. I have one of (if not THE) most powerful and versatile CAD programs on the market, and I enjoy actually using my industrial design degree now and then :)

While I don't 3D print myself (yet!) I have had great success using Shapeways for all of my own prints in the past, and we can work together to get the prints in whatever material you need. The CAD files are yours to keep.

Custom Pins

Enamel pins are truly a joy to design. Tell me your idea, and we'll make it into a beautiful little shiny pin! With my wonderful manufacturing partner, you can have your pins in hand within 5-8 weeks from the day we start designing.

The pin pictured was designed for Dancing Leaf Farm in early 2020, and you can get it here.

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Custom... Everything Else

Frankly, as I'm writing this, I am realizing the breadth of all the stuff I've made in the past. It seems ridiculous to write it all out. I've painted loads of shoes and wine glasses, painted custom acrylic nails, and designed two tattoos. I once painted a window that had been taken out of it's frame and hung as art. I spent DAYS with a mask on, sawing and sanding and meticulously placing wine corks into a hand lettered piece to hang on a wall. 

So if you have an idea for a thing that you can't make yourself, reach out to me and we'll see if I'm crazy enough to do it!

What thing do you need designed?