Frequently Asked Questions

Are things back to normal after the virus shutdowns?

Pretty much! There may still be some delays with your printed items (shirts, posters, mugs) but these delays should be minimal as my printing partner has gotten back up to speed. After placing your order you will receive emails updating you on your shipping status including tracking information once your order does ship, so that you can follow your package's progress through the mail.

Non-printed items (pins, dice, resin accessories) will ship immediately and will only be delayed if there is an issue with the postal system, so no worries there.

International shoppers may see more of a delay as I've noticed products can get slowed down going through customs. My sincerest apologies here, I wish there was more I could do to speed it up. 

If you place an order and that order is not able to be shipped to you for some virus-related reason, I am happy to provide a full refund. Please let me know ASAP so I can cancel the order.

If you have any other questions, email me at 

What is your Return Policy?

All apparel and accessories purchased from this site are custom made and printed just for you, not mass produced. Returns cannot be offered unless the item is defective. Exchanges, however, can be offered for apparel sizing issues. To set up an exchange, please reach out via the Contact page, include your original order information and the size you'd like in your e-mail, and I will get back to you pronto!

If something you received is defective or has clearly been mis-printed, please contact me via email at with a picture of the damaged item and your order number and I will gladly replace your item.

Do you ever have sales?

Sometimes! You'll hear about them if you follow me on twitter or instagram (@polliadesign). It'll never be more than 20% off, so don't hold out for a bigger discount than that!

I will also rarely offer free shipping because frankly, free shipping does not exist. To offer free shipping I would really have to bump up all of my prices to account for it, and I think we're all better than that. If you REALLY want free shipping and are an Amazon Prime member, you can check the selection of items I have listed on Amazon.

I have an idea for a shirt, would you make it?

Maybe! If you have a very specific, PERSONAL thing in mind, like you want a rainbow digital painting of your dog, or you want the names of your family members included in a design, you can commission that piece from me by contacting me at

If you have an idea that would be of interest to the general public, like a cool quote or a funny pun, I might just make it into a shirt. Send your pitches to me by email or social media message/comment.

My shirt has kind of a smell...

No worries! Because these shirts are all printed on-demand for you and you alone, the direct-to-garment printing process can leave a vinegar-ish smell. This smell will be gone after the first wash. You'll notice the same scent if you buy a shirt from Redbubble, Teepublic, or Amazon Merch, as all of these print individual shirts on demand.