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Want Even More Designs?

It would take me a few lifetimes to make all of my designs available on all products imaginable on this site. Luckily, sites like Redbubble and TeePublic exist to help artists sell their creations on all sorts of products! If you don't see a design you want for sale on this site, or perhaps you want a design on a phone case or mug, you can find it on one of these sites. 

A few examples of some of the products available on Redbubble...

I'm Confused...

When I put a product for sale on this website, I make sure it's something that is high enough quality that I would want to own it personally. So it's made of high quality fabric, so soft you'll want to keep it for the rest of your life, and is one of my personal favorite designs. This is great, but it takes more time for me to set up. Sites like Redbubble and TeePublic let me try out a lot of new designs, make them available on a lot of products, and then get right back to designing more things. Amazon has a program for designers that is similar, and hey, you get that free prime shipping, but only has a few products available. 

Bottom line: If you see a product you want on this site, get it here. You'll get a lower price and higher quality. If you don't see it here, look on Redbubble, TeePublic, or Amazon.